VENUES: All venues must be on ground floor unless stated at time of booking. Due to size and expense of equipment, clear access must be by the shortest root possible.

BOOKINGS: No bookings will be considered confirmed until a deposit is received to the correct amount stated by SHOUT Disco. Unconfirmed bookings will be considered unwanted function dates and offered to others for their consideration and approval. You will not be informed of function loss.

CANCELLATIONS: SHOUT Disco has a no refund policy. Bookings cancelled within 6 (six) months of function will be charged at 50% of total fee. Bookings cancelled within 3 (three) months of function will be charged at the full disco fee.

PAYMENTS: Card payments can be taken by PayPal. Any late payments must be paid in full on function date. When full balance due is to be paid on function date payments must be in cash before the set-up of any SHOUT Disco equipment. When full balance due is unpaid by or on function date NO disco will commence. SHOUT Disco has a no refund policy.

SET-UP: SHOUT Disco also requires 1 (one) hour to set-up and 1 (one) hour to dismantle the required equipment for any venue. Venues not at ground level 30 (thirty) minutes must be added to the time stated.

POWER: A minimum of 2 sockets at 30 amps must be free for use. SHOUT Disco will not supply power.

OVERRUNS: Overruns are billed at £35 (thirty-five pounds) an hour and are paid in advance by way of a cash payment. SHOUT Disco reserves the right to refuse any overruns at the point of request.

LIABILITY: The liability to SHOUT Disco does not exceed the value of the DISCO COST

DAMAGES: Any and all damages will be recorded and witnessed. The customer will be informed of any and all damages within 48 (forty-eight) hours where possible. Any and all damages that are incurred either by customer and or audience, either accidental or deliberate, will be payable in full by the customer that placed the booking within a 7 (seven) day period from the venue date.

VIOLENCE: SHOUT Disco will not tolerate violence. If your DJ feels there is a real threat to his person or equipment, the function will be stopped and disco equipment removed. SHOUT Disco has a no refund policy.

Soft drinks must be supplied to the DJ on the night.

BOOKING CONFIRMATION: Your booking will only be confirmed once SHOUT Disco receives the minimum stated Deposit.

Booking terms